Dr. Cyndi’s Story

Dr. Cyndi Romine focuses on rescuing children from sex trafficking, violence and abuse.

Cyndi is recognized internationally as one of the leading authorities regarding child sex trafficking, victimization and also provides active solutions in rescuing victims of this injustice. Cyndi has been described as a woman who is willing to criss-cross the globe to answer the call of her passion regardless of personal cost. She’s weathered typhoons, navigated floods and stood boldly in the midst of terrorism.

Why This Passion Grips My Life

The steam rose off the lush tropical growth of the tropical rain forest as the growth covered and cooled us. We started up the center of the river on the way to the falls.

As I glanced to my right, toward the shore, I saw a white man pay a mother and father for the “use” of their 3 year old baby girl. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Could this be happening right in front of my eyes? I was stunned. Shocked. Sickened. We were too far away. I cried. I lost my lunch over the side of the canoe as we watched him rape this little girl.

My life focused at that moment and my destiny was forever and always changed from that moment on.

Statistics today show us this problem of sex trafficking and victimization is growing exponentially fast and our work will be a life’s work.